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Blue Ubuntu Logon for XP by J-Lindo Blue Ubuntu Logon for XP by J-Lindo
'ey! A blue Ubuntu! Looks cool! Hit the download button! :P

Only been tested on XP SP3. If you've tested it on any other Service Packs (SP2, SP1, etc.) and it works/doesn't work, lemme know.

Ok, so a while back, my brother liked Ubuntu and had his XP all emulated so it looked kinda like it. But he said that the logon screen, he wanted to see if I could turn it blue, because it's his favorite color. So I asked ~Lustmusket3000 :iconlustmusket3000:, who made it, if I could do it. He approved. But when I did it then, all i really did was paint over all of the bitmap resources a 50% transparent blue, and it really didn't look great. So I decided to not go on with it since I prolly couldn't get to the point where I was satisfied. But now- which is months later- I know how to do some color channel mixing, and I come across this old project and decide to revive it, and used my color channel mixing skills. Needless to say, amazing results. I like how it looks and am now uploading it for the world to see :) Enjoy!!

And all trademarks and such belong to their respective owners, or however it goes. You know what I mean.

And I wanna thank ~Lustmusket3000 :iconlustmusket3000: for the original and the permission to modify his work :) If you want that original, he's got it here: [link]

And yeah, it's only for XP. Unless somehow you can make it work for Vista and 7. If you can, have at it and have fun.
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December 10, 2010
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